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Nothing is scarier for a parent than the idea of their child going missing. Over 2,000 children get lost or go missing every single day and for some families it’s not always a happy ending. iGPS Watch, the latest in child safety technology, keeps kids safe and connected with their parents through it’s incredibly unique and easy-to-use features. This, along with it’s great price point, makes it a MUST HAVE for every parent in the world.

2,000 Kids Get Lost Or Go Missing EVERY DAY! Don’t Let Yours Be Next. Click Here to See How to Prevent That From Happening
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The Closest Thing To Holding Your Child’s Hand All Day!
You want to be with your child every step of the way, every moment of their day. We get it we’re parents too! We have the same concerns, worries, and fears you do. That’s why we created the iGPS Watch. It’s loaded with alert and safety features that let you relax and get on with your day. The iGPS Watch really is like holding your child’s hand all day long!

iOS and Android Compatible: You can use your iPhone or Android to connect to the iGPS Watch by simply installing our FREE App. from the App Store for iOS or the Google Play store for Android. Plus, you can access the watch from any computer with an internet connection.

Countries allowed:United States

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    very important , i really need to try one for my children

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