Newsletter February 17, 2017

In This Issue: Six Easy Ways to Get Free TV, Free Laptop Stickers by Mail, Free Stuff for Baby and Mommy, Free Samples by Mail

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Welcome to the February 17, 2017 edition of the Newsletter.

Six Easy Ways to Get Free TV:

  • Get Free TV with an inexpensive VHF/UHF TV Antenna: While cable and satellite TV is virtually everywhere, cost can still be high.   Local stations still broadcast their signal, but now that signal is in a digital format, which means the quality is higher than ever before.  In fact, some are broadcast digitally in HDTV.  Watch your favorite local stations and save a load of money by getting a digital TV antenna.
  • Stream TV from the Networks: You can stream many of your favorite networks online for FREE.  NBC, CBS, and some other networks offer full episodes of some programs online. You can stream full episodes of ABC’s hit shows in a select, but growing number of areas. Check with ABC for the latest list of locations, to see if your city is included.
  • YouTube is a Free TV Goldmine: YouTube offers a large library of older TV Shows for FREE.  If you love the old stuff, and have internet access, then check out YouTube’s free collection. I am talking about some awesome classics like Bonanza, The Honeymooners, The Twilight Zone, and many others. 
  • One Week Free TV on Hulu: Hulu offers one week FREE of premium original series, full seasons of hit shows, current episodes, movies and more.  Grab the popcorn, find your spot on the sofa, and prepare to binge watch.
  • Watch Movies Outdoor for Free: Communities around the country organize free movie events at parks and other community venues. Search your community newsletter, newspapers, or online for “free movies” and the schedule in your town.
  • Free Movies and TV Shows on DVD at your Public Library:  Yes indeed, I have used this many time.  All across the country, public libraries make available a large collection of movies and older TV shows on DVD.  No way you have seen everything, so get into your library and see what is there.  I love documentaries, and that is an area the library tends to excel at.

Free Laptop Stickers: 
While laptops seem to be a popular place to pop a sticker, there is no rule that says it must go there.  You can embellish you lunch box, notebook, skateboard, fishing box, or any other place where you wish to visually show the world what you are about, or just to be cool. FreeStuff is the website for free things, so it is logical that we would have some offers for awesome free stickers on our website.

Free Stuff for Mommy and Baby:
Babies are expensive little bundles of joy.  Baby’s burn through diapers (well burn might not be the right word), and diapers are expensive. Every mom would appreciate having some extra baby stuff, and free is a good price.  Speaking of Moms, they go through nine months of discomfort and pain to bring the baby into the world, and so Mom’s too need a little TLC. Be sure to peak at our free samples of skin care products, and other free beauty products for Mommy.

Free Samples by Mail:
Product samples delivered to your address, and you pay nothing!  How cool is that?  Our samples by mail include such products as free coffee. Free products from Sephora, free health products, free products from Glade, free shaving razors, and so much more. 

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