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FreeStuff.com is a listing of free stuff found on the web. We simply list links to items for the value of our visitors. Some of the content is user submitted. We are not a merchant and do not deliver anything you find on the site ourselves. We are not responsible for any item found on this site. We do not handle support calls, emails or written requests for these items.

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  • FreeStuff Manager

    Hi Jeffrey. I don’t know why the other two people are getting the free products but you are not. We link to the free offers we find, but we are not the order takers or shipping makers. I suggest you contact the companies making the offers for an explanation, or compare notes with your friends that are having success. There must be a logical explanation. Cheers!

  • I wanted to know why I always fill out and answer the emails about the free stuff and always put in my address and everything that is asked for but I never receive anything.. I know two other people that do the same thing I do but they receive all types of free products?

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