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  1. hahhahahhaha LAME says:

    hey I REAL WANT this

  2. michael says:

    i am a little poor i need my dad will be so prowd

  3. John says:

    I need some economic support cause due to covid I’ve stayed unemployed

  4. Daniel Tirado says:

    Lost everything I need this win.

  5. Jacoby Hughes says:

    I draw the number 4 email Jacoby hughes

  6. Oluwasheun says:

    I need this for business startup

  7. Free snacks and junk food only.

  8. Quisiera ganar ya que estoy empezando desde cero a vivir sola con mi hermana la menor y ahorita no tengo trabajo y aún no me dan certificado de mi preparatoria y no podré conseguir rápido un buen trabajo
    Y tengo que pagar recibos y para la despensa

  9. Werner says:

    Would like win sometime to treat my wife and my son.

  10. kay bright says:

    I think this will help me, cos I’ve been suspended from school for not able to pay school fees.

  11. igeti says:

    i need this or i will pas on

  12. Ugoski says:

    I need to take care of my son..please I need this giveaway..

  13. Mandi Houthoofd says:

    I want money to help my parents pay the bills.

  14. Marco Narváez says:

    Ayudaria a mi familia

  15. Necesito pagar mis estudios

  16. I want to complete my Tuition for my College in Canada.

  17. Abimelec Velandia says:

    Me gustaría poder ganar, necesito tanto el dinero para ayudar a mi familia, estamos pasando una situación muy difícil y de verdad desearía ganar, que Dios me ayude.

  18. Barbara Cook says:

    I want to help people and animals

  19. Amelia Perez says:

    O. M. G. this would help my family out so much my mom is a single mom of four so this would be really helpful.

  20. George brown says:

    I need this giveaway

  21. Francisco Ovier Macias Espinosa says:

    Quisiera salir adelante junto con mi familia 777

  22. Antonio says:

    Que gran oportunidad

  23. Vedant Sonawane says:

    bro please

    the giveaway needs me.


    lo voy a probar y tengo grandes expectativas

  25. Angel Rosas says:

    Me gustaría ganar el premio hay muchas cosas que hacer! ☺️

  26. Victoria Ijezie says:

    this is a really nice offer
    thsnls a lot you guys💖💖🙏🏻

  27. miguel lopez says:

    I am hungry, I need some help

  28. Christabel says:

    I wish I could be lucky

  29. Sol Zaga says:

    Would be great to win

  30. Shawn says:

    It would be amazing to win this money

  31. kaleigh says:

    I do get a little bit of stuff but I only get two or three things for my birthday and we do go places but really not that many because some of the money has to be used for gas for my daddy’s truck

  32. kaleigh says:

    It would be a miracle if I won it my family would be so happy

  33. kaleigh says:

    That is the reason why I’m almost three steps that way I can get something for free and that way I can you know get my family back together and have fun like I want to and I’m only 9 years old I’m doing this for my family

  34. Angelica berrio says:

    Quiero una vida más estable

  35. Angelica berri says:

    Sería una forma interesante de ganar dinero y a aprender

  36. Daniel says:

    Por favor lo necesito

  37. Ruby says:

    I just want to make some business out of this help

  38. Kevin Jakobsen says:

    I will be pleased if I win that amount 😃

  39. Osvaldo says:

    I am want to believe

  40. Brayan says:

    Quiero sacar a mi familia adelante y darle lo que se merecen

  41. Carlos says:

    I need money please

  42. Israel Cirnejo Aroni says:

    El dinero es para mi familia y ver un negocio

  43. Luis Alberto says:

    Deverdad que lo necesito dios quiera me lo gane

  44. Susan says:

    I need money for my college and books, I’m trying to get a better lifestyle and ensure my education.

  45. Fernando says:

    I nerd the money for my family.

  46. Gérard says:

    Es increíble tener esta cantidad de dinero semanal, lograría cambiar el rumbo de las cosas

  47. Gérard says:

    Esto es fenomenal, es una ayuda que cambiará el rumbo de las cosas

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