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  1. Mikayla Danielle says:

    Trying something new 🙂 love it.

  2. Zac Davis says:

    I love this product. It’s a good product. Thank God they make this product.

  3. A says:

    this link for a free multi colored led bath light doesn’t work.

  4. adwina dixon says:

    love this site

  5. Ronnie says:

    My wife would love these. OK

  6. katrina says:

    Oooo I’ll take it

  7. vadim says:

    please need it

  8. maria says:

    I would like the Free Multi-Colored LED Bath Light

  9. samantha says:

    broken link

  10. Osiris says:

    The bath lights are very entertaining for my 3 year old. He loves bath time now. I highly recommend this product.

  11. Jesse O says:

    Amazing website. Gives you plenty of different choices to choose from, right along with the time frames.

  12. Great idea need a light on my wall for my son used as a night light…m

  13. amanda says:

    I love these lights

  14. Angelou de Bedout says:

    I would love to have this product.

  15. Charissa olson says:

    I love free stuff!

  16. amber manes says:

    Free stuff sounds great can try samples to see if i like the product

  17. jonathan Martin says:

    Please and thankz

  18. Emily Crittenden says:

    This is awesome!

  19. tammy calvin says:

    never have seen a led bath lite

  20. Shawnna Brittan says:

    Link doesn’t work 🙁

  21. Angee says:

    It doesn’t work, states page not found

  22. John Nydam says:

    Link does not work

  23. samantha says:

    the link dont work

  24. crystal says:

    Love these lights for the pool area! !

  25. Rhodalyn/cheapbebe davis says:

    link dont work 🙁

  26. The website above doesn’t exist.

  27. Michelle says:

    free multi-colored bath light. The page cannot be found

  28. al says:

    thank you

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