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  1. kristin says:

    Never tried this product, Would love the try it.

  2. jennifer says:

    they are out of samples

  3. mark says:

    I,m ready for something new bring it on!

  4. wendy gilkey says:

    Jiffy peanutbutter is good

  5. theresa says:

    Never tried this before..thinking it will be good for summertime picnics 🙂

  6. June Wall says:

    My kids love Jiffy. Great to carry for quick snacks.

  7. troy w. rath says:

    not able too tap peanut butter, from target? sounds good but i think you might check your site!out of order!

  8. brandie dixon says:

    My kids love it.they say its the best.

  9. vera ponce says:

    my son loves,,jif .

  10. Hope Gonzalez says:

    Looks great!

  11. Michele says:

    I would like to try this

  12. Jenelle says:

    I’m new to this, so I am looking forward to seeing what I can get. Thank you

  13. JKyle says:

    How do you finish the survey to get this sample from Target, seems to be no forward button or does not scroll down far enough.


  15. sandy plutz says:

    like to try new products and like peanut butter. Looks like it would be good for portion control

  16. Ashley says:

    My kids love JIF to go! Its also very conveniant!

  17. steve malu says:


  18. Jackie Rodriguez says:

    My 2 year old daughter loves the to go peanut butter she eats them on car rides or ling trips there so convenient

  19. Jiff is the best tasting peanut butter.

  20. Roy Barnhill says:

    Never tried this product. Looks likes something good to pack in your camping gear.

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