Here is a list of frequently asked questions about this site and specifically how to use FreeStuff.com. This is a work in progress and questions will be added as needed.

  1. When are you going to send me my free item?
    FreeStuff.com, unless explicitly stated in the freebie description, does not and is not responsible for sending you your free items. We simply find places across the web that are offering the free items for you. Think of us as an aggregator of free stuff across the web — we just find it for you to enjoy. If you have a question about the fulfillment of the free item that you have requested, you must directly contact the site that you requested it through.
  2. Why don’t you update the site?
    We update FreeStuff.com each and every day, 365 days per year. Freebies come and freebies go, so it’s possible that you will find a free item listed on the site that has expired. If you find one of these, please post in the comments that the offer is no longer available and we’ll update the offer page to reflect that it is now expired.
  3. Why don’t you delete expired freebies?
    We take valuable time to research and find freebies, and just because something is expired doesn’t mean that it will be expired forever. In the event that a free item becomes available again, it’s simply easier to update the old page than to create a second (identical) page for the free item. We do have a category that we place all expired freebies in. It can be found here. Also, we clearly mark each and every expired freebie that we know of as expired.
  4. How Do I Request Free Stuff?
    In each free stuff post that you find on this site, there is a link (usually located at the top of the post) that will take you directly to the request page for the free item. Simply click this link and it will take you to where you should request your item. Please do not request the free item in the comments at FreeStuff.com. See number 1. above.

Did You Know?

  1. The five most recently posted freebies can be found at the very top of the page in the ‘Featured Freebies’ box. Just click on the numbers on the black bar to scroll through them all.

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