Free Book – Ten Minute Yoga for Stress Relief, Focus, and Renewal

Ten Minute Yoga for Stress Relief, Focus, and Renewal by Lisa Shea is great for a yogi that is short on time.

Download this book onto your phone or tablet. It is available to you when you have a short amount of time for a yoga session. As the author says, “something is always better than nothing.” The poses in this ten minutes session are simple enough for beginners, but someone with an advanced practice could deepen the poses and feel like they a nice yoga session.

Study after study finds that yoga helps with lower back pain, depression, energy levels, balance, post-traumatic stress, focus, sleep, and much more. Whether you need to reset after a busy day or wish to have more joy in your daily life, yoga can help. It nurtures your body and embraces your soul.

Join us to take that first step forward into a healthier, happier you.


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  1. I want to learn how to relax n be more stress free..please help… thanks yoga…

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