FREE In-Home HIV Test (UK)

The service is the Nationally commissioned provider of HIV home-sampling screening, and offers free HIV tests in participating regions.

Free self-sampling HIV test kits are available in many areas of the UK. Request For Details

What will arrive?
Once you’ve ordered your free HIV test, your test kit will arrive in the mail within a few days (we send kits via 1st Class Mail).
The kits are small and discreet – the box is sent in a white plastic bag with no identifying markings or logos!

What’s in the test kit?
Your kit contains all the bits you need to collect your sample and return it to our laboratory for testing.

How do I collect my sample?
Unlike some STIs such as Chlamydia (which can be tested from a urine sample), the HIV virus is blood-borne and therefore a small blood sample is the most accurate way to test for the infection.


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