Free McGruff Kids ID Kit by mail

450,000 kids are reported missing in the United States each year.

Get this for your children, grandkids, a neighbor’s kids, youth group, or Sunday School class.

Be prepared for the worst with a McGruff Safe kit.

What’s inside?

  • Tear-out fingerprint card with child-safe fingerprint ink
  • McGruff the Crime Dog tear-out emergency numbers card
  • 911 Instructions
  • Personal Record Card
  • DNA Collection Tips
  • Fun, family-friendly quizzes and games reinforcing the safety message

The McGruff Kids ID Kit adds an extra level of assurance for the family and shows our ongoing support and commitment to the community. After filling out the kits at home, your child’s information is for you to keep safe and secure in the event the unthinkable occurs. A local representative will be in touch with you in regards to sending your kits.

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  1. Kim Cowan says:

    I work for the Army/Air force Exchange in Loss Prevention would like to have an event and give the kits out.

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