Free Mothers Day Electronic Cards

We have all the reason to celebrate Mother’s Day this May. It is the time of the year where we honor our moms for all the good things that they have done for us. Wherever you are–a thousand miles apart you may be from your mom–let your mom feel special and remembered by sending her an electronic card on Mother’s day. For sure, your mom will feel cherished and loved. We have compiled a list of websites that offers free Mother’s Day Electronic cards that you can freely send to your moms.

Blue Mountain: Blue Mountain is at top when it comes to quality greeting cards. Aside from great tangible greeting cards, you will get to download 16 unique and equally touching electronic cards from the website. They have a mix of serious and funny electronic cards. All of the ecards have animations which make them more lively and entertaining. We likewise loved the choice of music for each card. You can either send the cards through email or post it on facebook!

123 Greetings: We highly recommend this site to everybody. 123 greetings has more than 5 pages solely dedicated to provide heartwarming Mother’s day cards. All of the cards are animated with embedded music. The webpage is very easy to navigate which is probably one of the reasons why a lot of people keep coming back to download and use their electronic greeting cards. You will likewise find a variety of ecard themes-whether you want humorous, text-greeting-like, or even the serious melodramatic theme. You can customize the cards and include a personal message before sending it to multiple individuals. Or post it on facebook through their link if you want!

Care 2: Here is a large collection of free electronic ecards that you can avail. Packed with more than 10 pages of electronic cards focused on Mother’s day, you just can’t get enough of them. It’s a mix of animated, flash and still electronic cards. What is great with a large collection is that you are able to have more options. Through this, you will get to send the most appropriate card for your mom. By clicking an image, you will be directed to the ecard’s page to customize it by adding a personal message, background, music and stamps. Then, you can send it through email, facebook or even tweet it on Twitter!

Funny ECards: If you want to break free from the serious, melodramatic ecard theme, then funny ecards can provide you with fun, witty and low-key ecards that are meant not only to make your moms laugh but touch them as well. We have enjoyed reading the ecards–and we know that your mom also will! Make ordinary moments magical with these ecards. Click on the link, personalize the ecard and send through email.

Cross Cards: If you want to send postcard-like ecards, then visit this site to browse on 6 pages of Mother’s day electronic cards. All of the cards already have the generic text greetings such as “I love you” and “Happy Mother’s Day”. We really like that they have also included some quotations and short poems about mothers within the card. We think the layout designs of the still ecards are superb. But there are a numerous animated ecards in the collection.

My Fun Cards: Here are some cute Mother’s day cards that depict the ordinary and funny moments we have with our moms especially during our childhood years. The themes may be simple but they are very effective in plucking out our childhood memories. Click on the images to download and send the ecards.

Got Free Cards: We highly recommend this site as it offers a good number of high quality electronic cards for you to choose from. In addition to the great themes and designs, you can add photos and voice recording to the already animated ecards. They have also included a rating of the ecard at the right side for you to know its popularity. You can either send it through email or tweet it on Twitter.

ECard Universe: Most of the Mother’s Day electronic cards in this website have nature as the themes. These are animated electronic cards embedded with instrumental music, short poems, quotations, text greetings and nature backgrounds (such as flowers, waterfalls). We find these ecards very cool to the eyes with subdued music on the background. You can send these ecards through facebook.

Wait no longer. Click on the links and start sending Ecards to one of the most important women in your life–your Mom!

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  1. tamora says:

    how much does this mothersday card cost? please let me know

  2. natika lewis says:

    Hi mom this is fro you becase you are a great mom

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