Free Music Streaming Service Curated by Human Beings, Not Algorithms.

By music lovers, for music lovers.

AccuRadio is the only online music streaming service curated by human beings, not algorithms. They believe that the human touch makes a difference in the listening experience.

Founded in 2000, AccuRadio was one of the very first music streaming platforms to feature multiple channels and with options that allow listeners to customize their experience.

AccuRadio provides nearly 1000 channels in more than 50 different musical genres. And they are all curated by people with knowledge and passion for the music.

Beyond the human touch of their curators, they encourage listeners to further personalize the AccuRadio experience through a variety of features including the ability to blend channels together, rate songs and create a channel of favorites and ban titles or artists they don’t like.

Finally, there are two other things that set AccuRadio apart from other streaming service. Their listeners are welcomed to skip as many songs as they want and AccuRadio is always 100% free. There is no upsell or subscription plan. Just lots and lots of great music.

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