Free Online Christmas Cards

When it’s Christmas time, it’s time to send out cards to family and friends.

This year, get ready to try out a twist on that old tradition with e-cards.
We’ve compiled a list of the best resources for free online Christmas cards, so go check ‘em out!

Free Online Christmas Cards

Free E-Cards Online: This site is so fantastic because it is so simple to pick and send your card. Simply choose from the huge selection of flash designs, enter in the emails of the recipients, and click “Send.” It’s just that easy, and within moments your friends and family will have a special message waiting in their inbox.

123 Greetings: 123 Greetings has a unique twist on the Christmas e-card industry by allowing you to preview the card before you send it. With such selections as “Miles and Smiles” and “Christmas Joys,” the 100+ card selection will keep you busy for hours!

We just knew that you would love those sites! Those resources for free online Christmas cards were the best we could find as a result of our detailed search of the net. While there are other sites out there for free online Christmas cards, we just haven’t reviewed them yet, so please check out these five first.

So pull out that email list and get ready to send some cards, ‘cause this is one Christmas they won’t soon forget!

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  2. FreeStuff Manager says:

    Please enter your address on the entry form. Follow the link we provide to the entry form.

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  4. Emily gooden says:

    Hello my name is Emily Gooden I’m 17 years old I have 2 daughters I have a one year old and a 2mouth old wondering if you could help my family with a free gift card so my girls could have unless something under the tree my mother and father are very very low on money hasn’t had work we have to be out our house in a year please and thank you anything would be great. Have a wonderful bless day. And happy hoildays to you and your wonderful family.

  5. Yes send me my frree coffee samples

  6. A xmas card would be great for my family thanks

  7. j says:

    would like some christmas cards to send my friends and family

  8. beth thomson says:

    i like this website

  9. shannon says:

    very nice cards!

  10. Daniel Jones says:

    gives me a reason to send cards

  11. jeya says:

    very nice cards

  12. robin says:

    thnx for the cards

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