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T-Shirt Outlet provides a distribution channel for promotional t-shirts with printing imperfections. All garments are quality-inspected before printing; they have no fabric/construction defects. The printed message has a slightly different-than-specified color shade, size, location, etc. While these items are still usable for promotional purposes, the client prefers not to distribute them directly to its customers since they are not exactly as specified. Companies (software, beverages, etc) who intended to distribute these items agree to pay only the manufacturing costs in exchange for the manufacturer arranging for distribution through alternative channels like T-Shirt Outlet.

Offer available in the USA and Canada only. One t-shirt per household only. We should soon have distribution in all areas of the USA and Canada. If you are not in one of the areas currently serviced, we will hold your order and ship it as soon as we have distribution in your area. Thank you for your patience.

Item Code T-047
Description T-shirt with computer software company logo

Material 100% cotton
Color white
Size large only
Print 2.5 x 3.0 red logo on upper left area
Retail value $0 (promotional use only)
Imperfection incorrect shade of logo’s color
Distribution T-Shirt Outlet only
Shipping $0 (no charges apply)

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    Buenas noches, Soy jenny, vivo en soacha, me interesa.

  3. Emily Davis says:

    Send a Free T-SHIRT

  4. Tim Blake says:

    Thanks great website

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