Survivalist Gear – Get a Firekable Paracord Bracelet FREE! Valued at $15

Upgrade your Emergency survival gear by getting a Firekable Paracord Bracelet FREE!

Valued at $15.

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Get This Amazing FireKable 100% FREE!

  • Has it all: Contains the ferro rod and striker tucked neatly into the bracelet fits discretely on your wrist…
  • Strikes hot, burns hot: Ferro rod strikes at over 3,000 degrees: hot enough to set just about any tinder alight…
  • Ultra Durable: Paracord is rot and mildew resistant and heavy duty ferro rod should last thousands of strikes with proper use…
  • Easy to use: If you can strike a match you can start a fire…
    Ultimate survival tool: In a survival situation a fire is life, and you would be amazed at just how far a little bit of cordage can get you! This tool will make sure that you can start a fire whenever, wherever you need it. And it will give you over 80 feet of fully functional cordage.
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2 Responses

  1. FreeStuff Manager says:

    According to their website and customer service, they charge for $4.95 shipping & handling for the product, and nothing for the item.

  2. Kim says:

    its not FREE you have to give your card information AND they charge your a fee a week later and you have to go to your bank and it take three weeks to get your money back AFTER you go through the issues of canceling your card because if you don’t the next month they charge your card again!!!!

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