Dr. Squatch – Handmade Natural Soap for Real Men – 14 Day Trial Offer – EXPIRED

Start your 14-Day Trial Offer of Dr. Squatch – Handmade Natural Soap for Real Men

Dr. Squatch Soap is handmade and goes through a cold process with no need to add harsh chemicals or preservatives. The result? Users will be skin-safe and feeling smooth.

14-Day Trial Offer: : In order to enroll in the 14-Day trial offer, you must pay a Shipping and Handling fee of $2.95 for a 14-day supply of Dr. Squatch soap. Depending on the order time, we ship the product the same day or the day after you place your order (with the exception of weekends and holidays). We allow up to 5 days for you to receive the product in the mail.

At the end of your 14-day trial, if you do not wish to continue using Dr. Squatch Soap, you must call customer service to cancel within 14 days of placing your trial order or you will be automatically enrolled in our auto-ship program.

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