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FREE 30 Day Trial – Powerful Website Monitoring Tool using
Do you have a personal or business website? Is your hosting company living up to it’s service level promise to you, or are you experiencing downtime that perhaps your customers see, but you don’t? Would you like to try a free service for 30 days to see what’s really happening with your website when you are not looking? I tried this service on some of my websites, and was surprised by what I learned and I only used a fraction of what this service can do.

  1. Monitor your website for availability with a real browser, using our 154 global checkpoint servers
  2. Quickly identify the source of website performance bottlenecks.
  3. Take the guesswork out of your web optimization efforts: capture sessions of real users on your website or application.
  4. Safeguard your website performance on different mobile devices, screen sizes and pixel ratios.

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The 30-Day Trial Offer is truly free. You do not get charged for the service after 30 days, it just shuts off. However you can quickly activate it, if you decide to keep it. The monthly fees are extremely fair, and in fact are pretty low cost for all the functionality you get. If this is a service you could use, give them a try. Share the word with others who might benefit from this trial offer.



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