Reminiscence while you listen to more than 30,000 TV Theme Songs for FREE

How quickly can your recognize a TV Show by the first few notes of its theme song?

These melodies are ingrained into our minds forever. has a huge library of 32,189 theme songs from TV Shows and movies that you can easily browse through and listen to online for FREE. Take a trip down memory lane and see how many shows you can recall from listing to the theme song.

Copyright Information
All themes and Clips are copyrighted by their licensors and are intended for educational and personal listening only. These are not to be used for commercial or other non-educational use without permission of the copyright holder (licensor). They are NEVER to be sold or traded for items of value.

This site does not own the music and cannot grant permission for any commercial use. This archive is a result of private collectors of historic television placing their private collections for all to share in remembering the various shows of the past and present and discussing their views on the subject of the music and the series involved.

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