Get your very own iPhone 5c with a prepaid Visa! – EXPIRED

The iPhone 5c is a feature-packed phone, though much of its hardware has been taken from the iPhone 5 and placed inside the new plastic body. When Apple settled on the name iPhone 5c the ‘c’ was intended indicate color. This is the first time Apple has produced an iPhone in any colour other than black or white. The iPhone 5c is available in pink, yellow, blue and green, as well as white. The colors are bright and vibrant and it looks like they came right off the catwalk.

The iPhone 5c was released back on 20 September 2013, over 2 years ago. Apple’s most colourful iPhone provided a cheaper option for those who wanted to own an iPhone and experience iOS. Now, the phone can’t match the performance of newer iPhones, nor of some budget Android smartphones, however given its much lower price in 2016, the iPhone 5c still serves as an alternative for those who want to experience iOS. The iPhone 5c provides a good upgrade option for those who are on older generation iPhones and also provides those looking to buy a budget iPhone, a worthy smartphone that boasts a decent camera for its price.

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