FREE Back To School Item – Kids 12 and Younger – at KMart August 6 ONLY


On Saturday, August 6th, Kmart offers a FREE Back To School Item for school age children 12 and under.  Each K-Mart store chooses the item for giveaway so it is best to check with the KMart near you.  Every little bit helps when it comes to shopping for school supplies!

For the KMart Store nearest you, go to and search by zipcodes or by city/state. Click on the LOCAL ADD link for that Kmart to see the deals they are running, and you will see the FREE Back to School offer at the bottom right corner of that LOCAL AD page. If you want to know what the freebie is in advance, you might visit or call the local store to find out. If you have multiple stores to choose from, you might check with each.

Click Here

Available on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to get there early.



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