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  1. Carrie says:

    Hi I’m Carrie I need winter coat hat gloves boots socks

  2. I’m sorry there’s a misprint 57 years old.

  3. 957 years old I need a winter coat a ride your scooter trying to find work and I have a jacket and it’s not a very good shape I have a bad coveralls that have holes on them I need something that will keep me warm as I look for work

  4. Lanna Stratton says:

    Hey I’m in Michigan and we just just snow I need a coat and boots

  5. Zahid says:

    Hi Zahid is here I need free coats for men

  6. I really need help with s boys size 5einter jacket

  7. I need a boys coat size 5

  8. Kay moore says:

    I need a lady’s coat large a coat for my husband 2X and some sheets and blankets queen size thank you so much may God bless if you can help me out.

  9. Cindy Denham says:

    I’m in need of a woman’s large xlarge winter coat. Any suggestions where to get help for one?

  10. Hi this is diamond I live in weldon nc I’m in need of clothes for women’s and men’s

  11. Free coats for men not women

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