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With video games currently selling as much as $59.99 for a new copy, it is important to find the best deals. There are many video game retailers online, but a select few offer discounts not found in brick & mortar stores.

The premier website for video game discounts, and discounts on virtually everything else is takes excess inventory from other merchants and resells it for as much as 80% off. When it comes to video games, not only sells new video games for a discount, but used games as well. Used video games can retail for at least 17% off on Another benefit to is that they also sell last generation consoles, games, and accessories (Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube, etc.). Want video game console accessories, or even an entire console? Look no further than, where console bundles can retail for 20% off.

EBay is also a fantastic place to get cheap video games. The two types of video game sellers on eBay are those who buy wholesale and then resell for a slight discount, and individuals who just want to get rid of some old titles and upgrade.

When searching for cheap games on eBay, the first step to find a rock-bottom deal is to click the link to the “video games” section, then search for listings with no reserve. After locating all of the listings with no reserve, proceed to search for cheap auctions ending relatively soon with little competition. By finding auctions ending soon with low competition, you will maximize your chances of not only winning, but scoring a great deal in the process. However, in auctions such as this, beware of snipers. In order to avoid bidding wars that ultimately drive up the price in excess of the original value, many bidders choose to wait until the last few seconds, and then place their bid. Luckily, you can fight back, as there are many services on the web that will automate the entire sniping process, some free and some paid. Lastly, another way to score great video game deals on eBay is through a misspelling search engine. These search engines will scan eBay for variations on a query.

For PC gamers, a unique way to save money is through a download service. Examples of services like these are Steam and Direct 2 Drive. By cutting out the physical material and shipping costs, the games are cheaper and in addition, most of these services offer limited time bundles for greater savings.




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