Fifteen Free Halloween Recipes – eBook

Fifteen Free Halloween Recipes – eBook

Make lots of fun Halloween recipes using this free eBook. There are recipes from drinks to dessert, “gross” recipes for Halloween to delicious Halloween treat recipes! There literally is something that just about anyone will enjoy. These recipes are also really easy — I’d recommend getting your kids involved in helping out.

Click on the link above for more information, or you alternatively click here for a direct download to the recipe eBook. No registration is required, simply download and use!




16 Responses

  1. dezin says:

    ihave7people in my family

  2. Al Gonzalez says:

    My son loves to help in the kitchen I think this will be right up his ally.

  3. jil says:

    halloween is my favorite holiday

  4. kathy brewer says:

    I would like a copy for my 4 children.

  5. Kim says:

    Cant’t wait to try this book, I am a cook…and a cookbook collector. Thank you.

  6. julie foust says:

    i have six kids and they love to create something and then bake it! they love to see what it looks like after theyve cooked it. so this cook book would be great for them thanks!

  7. Avis says:

    my daughter likes to help with baking

  8. Avis says:

    love to bake

  9. pete n says:

    i love books at are free

  10. Suzanna says:

    I Would Love To Recieve this Book For My Collection. It,s Allso For My Birthday.

  11. jackie smorey says:

    I wouldlike 2 recieve the book

  12. Val says:

    I cant wait untill they get it.I love bakeing stuff and makeing stuff i bet all have a blast with it.

  13. Chad says:

    Homer, use the direct download link I have at the bottom of the post.

  14. linda alavez says:

    Love to bake can’t wait to try something new

  15. this link took me to a survey and a few pages of other “sponsers”. I quit after 2 or 3 pages….

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