Free Christmas Poems

It’s Christmas, so that not only means Christmas movies, books, and plays, but also Christmas poetry. We’ve pulled together a list of the best sites on the web for free Christmas poems. We’ve done thorough research to bring you these top-quality sites, so be sure to check them out.

Free Christmas Poems has a wonderful collection of Christmas poems that are sure to brighten your holiday. Some examples of poems offered are “Christmas Bells,” “That Midnight Hour,” and “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The style and emotions these poems evoke is rarely seen on the net, so head on over.

PoodlesInAustralia: At Poodles in Australia, you can select from a directory of dozens of sites dedicated to free Christmas poems. The depth of the sites offered is exceptional, and the works included create a unique blend of famous authors and undiscovered talent. There’s more to say, but hit the link to experience it for yourself.

Poem4Today: At this site, you can choose from a few Christmas poem classics, all for free. We loved “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” specifically for the length, ideas, and imagery of the piece.  This is one of our top-rated sites, so make sure you visit it first.

Best-Quotes-Poems: We love this site because the clean interface which allows visitors to choose from dozens of poems. With such works as “The Oxen,” “Ring Out, Wild Bells,” and “Christmas Cheer,” you’ll be back for more, we guarantee it! These poems are so good, you’ll want to share them with friends and family, so don’t hesitate and head on over!




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  1. miriam says:

    If anyone can think of a good poem for news carriers using twas the night before christmas…post it please

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