Free Christmas Quizzes

Christmas is a holiday where the history is just as important as the merrymaking. To help celebrate this season, we’ve compiled a list of the best sites for free Christmas quizzes. Perfect for all ages, these quizzes are sure to intrigue and educate.

Free Christmas Quizzes

The Holiday Spot: We love this site for the use of quality over quantity, and the top-notch quizzes offered are sure to work your brain. With tons of questions, an interactive answer system, and levels of detail that are sure to teach as well as entertain, this resource is unforgettable.

Quiz Land: This site has some of the best quizzes we’ve seen, and what makes their quizzes truly unique is one thing: sound. While it isn’t Christmas music, it is sure to boost concentration. Secondly, the questions are nicely worded and are easy to understand. While the questions aren’t as hard as other sites, you’ll be back again and again!

Christmas Trivia Quiz: Christmas Trivia Quiz has a wonderful quiz that focuses on the history behind Christmas, and more importantly, has tons of material to back it up. With 75 questions to answer, you’ll be at it for hours! This test isn’t radio-button based, so you can print it out and take the questions anywhere.

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