Free Easter Coloring Pages

Free Easter Coloring Pages

The Easter time is drawing near. During this time, you will have lots of time with your children. One of the educational things that you can do with your little kid is by doing some coloring activities. What better way to do this than by using Easter coloring pages? Here are ten sites offering great Easter coloring pages for free.

Easter-Coloring: The great aspect of this site is that you are able to look for Easter coloring pages with ease. The coloring pages are grouped together according to their respective subjects. They have coloring pages about Easter bunnies, baskets, crafts, ducks, eggs, flower and even Christian religions. This is great if you want to teach your child symbols that were used even during the ancient times. You can print them at 670 x 820 resolution.

Free-Coloring-Pages: This site also offers dozens of Easter coloring pages to choose from. The main themes for the coloring pages are Easter bunnies and eggs. The level of difficulty of the coloring pages are varied. So you can be assured that both of your little and big children will have something to color with. This site is recommended because it gives the coloring pages a different look. For example, you will find that in their “chicks and ducklings” category, the coloring pages are sequenced to show how chicks or ducklings evolve. Furthermore, the Easter coloring pages that they offer seem to convey a story. You can download them at 718 x 957 resolution.

Mes-English: Mes-English offers simple and easy to color pages that are mostly about Easter bunnies, eggs, flowers and signs. Clicking on your desired Easter coloring page will direct you to a Macromedia flash paper to make printing easier.

dltk: Dltk is a highly recommended site that offers secular (such as Easter bunnies and eggs)  and more religious Easter coloring pages (such as cross, Easter symbols). The great thing about this site is that they offer “Black and White” and “Colored” pages. The black and white is the coloring page which you will download, while the colored page is the poster in which you can base your colors from. You can also download Easter tracer coloring pages which will let your child write the thing that he is coloring (i.e. an egg or bunny). This is a great way for your kid to develop both creativity and logic.

coloringbookfun: The Easter coloring pages found on this site are focused on Easter egg hunt. You will find 51 different coloring pages that feature Easter bunnies and different styles of Easter eggs.The outline of the drawings are very clear so your child will not have a hard time with coloring them. With 7 pages of Easter coloring sheets, your children will surely enjoy coloring Easter bunnies and eggs. You can be assured that your children will not get bored coloring the pages even though it is centered on Easter bunnies and eggs because all are unique in a lot of ways. Printing the picture is easy as all you need to do is to click it.

crayola: Crayola is not only after giving us quality coloring materials. But they do offer great Easter coloring pages for your kids.You will find that the coloring pages that they offer are embedded with simple activities (such as word scramble game). This makes coloring more fun for your kid! The designs of the coloring pages also vary from simple to intricate. Aside from downloading the coloring pages, crayola offers the “Color Online” feature. Your child can color the pages online if it is to your liking. So go to this site and avail of their great coloring pages!

apples4theteacher: There are two categories of Easter Coloring pages that you can choose from–the “Religious” and “Fun” categories. When you click on the coloring page that you want, you will know the level of difficulty of the coloring sheet. You can also have your kid color the pages online. Your kid (and also you) will have a great time with the coloring activity as they use a crayon cursor for this site. This is definitely a must-see!

coloringpages4u: If you want to add a little more spice to the coloring activity, then this site is definitely one that you should visit. The Easter coloring pages that they offer feature popular characters such as Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty and Spongebob. These cartoon characters were embedded in the Easter theme to make the pages more appealing to the kids. Also, there is a search bar where in you can just input the coloring page subjects or themes. Click the link button to find it out yourself.

Enjoy the Easter holiday doing coloring activity with your kids!




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