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Easter season will never be complete without sumptuous food served in our banquet. Preparing a special meal for this occasion will always be a part of the celebration. It is during eating where we converse with our family and friends. It is therefore fitting that we prepare the best dishes for our loved ones. Here are great Easter recipes that you can use for your Easter celebration. These recipes will surely make your Easter more meaningful and complete.

Dairy Free Cooking @ Let’s start with recipes that are dairy-free. This website offers dairy-free dishes that will benefit those who are on dairy-free diet. We all know that most dishes use dairy products to make it more delicious. So it is great to find a website that is dedicated in providing us with sample dishes for your Easter brunch, main and side dishes, bread, and desserts.

The Holiday Spot: Just reading the different free Easter recipes from made our mouth water with excitement. The recipes found on this website are all desserts that you can bake or cook as pick-up foods for your Easter egg hunt party. The sound of cream cheese frosting, braided Easter bread and and Hairless Potpies are just some of the mouth-watering recipes that you will find. Your kids will surely hug you for these recipes. This is a site to behold if great quality Easter recipes are what you are looking for. What we like the most of this website is that it has Easter recipes for almost all types of foods–appetizers, Candies, breads, Easter dinner, salads, side dishes, and a whole lot more. These recipes come in handy if you are looking forward to creating a menu for your Easter celebration. Another great aspect of this site is that it is very easy to navigate and you will find “how-to” videos in some of the Easter recipes. Enjoy the tons of recipes on this site as we did!

Passion For Savings: If you are looking for a site which offers Easter recipes in an EBook form, then visit passionforsavings. This website has created an ebook of free Easter recipes so that you will be able to download them all-in-one. The Easter recipes ebook includes Easter Brunch Punch, Lemon Poppy Seed Bread, Strawberries and cream layer cake, Quiche Lorraine and Old-fashioned buttermilk biscuits as examples. Click on the link now! Another website that offers free Easter recipes ebook. We truly believe that this website knows how important Easter foods are in celebrating the Easter season. They have included recipes on Easter brunch, Easter Dinner, Easter Side dishes and Easter dessert recipes. The recipes are fun and easy to do. With their detailed and simple instructions, you will surely be able to cook the recipes at the finest. To download the free ebook, just click on the download link on the website. Enjoy cooking!

Recipe Goldmine: Just by looking at the recipe pictures, you will know that your family and friends will have a great time eating these delectable food during the Easter season. Some of the recipes they have provided are Passover roast chicken, Fudge truffle eggs and Easter bunny cake. There are a lot more recipes awaiting for you. It’s also great that they have included a feature wherein you can simply click a link to print the recipes.

Elanas Pantry: In, you will find a complete menu for an Easter dinner meal prepared by the author. The prepared meal includes easter recipes of appetizers, main course and dessert. The great thing about these recipes is that the ingredients that were used are fresh, natural and very much healthy. These are gluten-free recipes which are suitable for people who watch on their health closely.

Divine Dinner Party: From the name of the website itself, you will find the recipes to be really divine. It is one thing to make a flavorful Easter food for your family. But it is better to complement the taste with a very appealing and fun to watch presentations. This site is heaven to those who wants to find creative ways to arrange their food. You will find tons of recipes from drinks to appetizers to main dishes to desserts. Read and download them to your heart’s (and stomach’s) content. This is a great site visited by a lot of people because of the handful of recipes that you can get from them. They have included popular, healthy, newest, quick and easy and recommended tabs for faster navigation. Aside from that they also have free Easter recipes for vegetarians. Without doubt, your family and friends will be very entertained by these superb Easter recipes. We highly suggest that you click on the link and choose from their endless list of free Easter recipes.

Betty Crocker: This is a highly recommended site for people who are in dilemma on what to prepare for Easter. The great thing about this site is that it offers free Easter recipes in various situations. For example, they have prepared recipes for both Easter dinner and brunch-if you are still unsure which among the two you would go for. In addition, they also have free Easter recipes for those who are tight on budget with their Easy-on-the-Budget Easter dinner; and for those who doesn’t have the time with their Easy Do-Ahead Brunch. The recipes are also coupled with detailed instructions, pictures, a party guide and tips on how to plan ahead of cooking. You just have to see for yourself what we are talking about. Click on the link and enjoy your time browsing the delightful lip-smacking Easter recipes.

So start cooking those delightful recipes and have a fantastic Easter celebration!




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