Free Easter Wallpaper

Since Easter is fast approaching, it’s time to find some ways to celebrate this special occasion. Let the season of Easter come into your hearts even when you are working with great Easter wallpapers for your laptop or personal computer. We’ve searched the web for the high quality free Easter wallpapers that you can use to spice up your desktop. Visit these 10 websites to get Easter wallpapers for free!

The Holiday Spot: With more than 40 free Easter Wallpapers, you will surely enjoy browsing this website. Most of the wallpapers have a “Happy Easter” greeting which is very suitable if you want to send it to your loved ones. You can download the wallpapers in 5 different resolutions! The subjects of the wallpapers are varied making it suitable for people of different ages. Visit the link and download your favorite wallpaper. uses cool pastel colors for their Easter wallpapers. With two pages of free Easter wallpapers, you will like the simplicity that each wallpaper brings into your desktop. What’s great is that there are wallpapers that can be downloaded at a resolution as high as 2560×1600.

Graphic Freebies: This website offers free Easter wallpapers that are environment-centered as the subjects are mostly Easter flowers, eggs and bunnies. If you are looking for nature-centric wallpapers as a background, do visit this site.

Christian Wallpaper: This is a highly recommended website if you are looking for a new Easter wallpaper for your desktop. What is great about this website is that they offer unique, high-quality and true-colored wallpapers. Aside from that, you are able to personalize the wallpaper by adding Bible verses to it. Downloading is easy as all you need to do is click on the download link. It’s also great that they added features where in you can make it as your twitter background or send it as an electronic card to your loved ones. So click on the link and make the most of these wonderfully-created wallpapers.

Moyea Media: What we like about the wallpapers found in this site is that the colors are so vivid–and with proper color combinations which are not too bright for the eyes. They have lots of Easter wallpapers about bunnies which your little may find appealing. These wallpapers will surely relive your Easter memories.

Blessed Easter:We all know that wallpapers bring life to our desktops. But these wallpapers are better if they have animations. Check out these free Easter wallpapers with animations from You will enjoy bunnies and eggs moving and greeting you a Happy Easter every time you look at your desktop! This site is a sure hit.

Bling Cheese: We just simply enjoyed browsing the Easter wallpapers offered by They have used Easter bunnies and eggs as subjects for the wallpapers. You can download the wallpapers at a resolution of 1920×1200. They have included instructions on how to install these wallpapers for both Windows and Macintosh users. This site offers three types of wallpapers-the animated, static and wallery. Their free Easter wallpapers are simple yet will surely boost your Easter celebration. You will notice that most of their wallpapers are wallery. Wallery wallpapers are special products that rotates multiple pictures in your desktop. It’s great if you want to see different static wallpapers every now and then.

There they are folks. It’s time to spice up the Easter season by installing beautiful Easter wallpapers in your desktop, laptop or even in touchpads.




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