Free Electronic Cards For Easter

It’s Easter time again! One of the best ways to connect to family and friends is by sending them Electronic Cards for Easter. Electronic cards are probably the most efficient and effective way to reach out to our loved ones no matter where they are! Check out these websites for great Easter electronic cards that best suit your feelings.

123 Greetings: We highly recommend this site because of its relatively easy to browse interface. Also, you will find tons of unique Easter greeting cards. You can choose the theme for your Easter greeting card as the electronic cards are grouped with much specificity. What more? You can navigate their favorite, most viewed and popular easter cards. This way you will know what kind of Easter cards most people utilize. It is also easier to send the card as you can send it by using the site itself. This is a great site to check out. is also a good site that offers a wide range of unique Easter electronic cards. Their easter cards are very much animated and gives you the chance to be involved in the process of making the card. You can choose cards from 4 categories- flowers, religious, passover and old-fashioned. To know more what we are talking about, click on the link.

Bluemountain: Blue mountain is truly one of the best providers of greeting cards. Their Easter electronic cards vary from religious to Easter cards for the kids. Furthermore, they have talking cards that lets you type a message which they will transcribe into audio for your greeting cards. This is a great way to personalize and make the greeting cards really your own.

eGreetings: The Easter electronic cards found on this website are just so cute and spirited that we cannot help ourselves celebrate Easter with much joy in our hearts. They have four pages of Easter cards for you to choose from. Aside from the option to email the cards, there are even cards that you can post in your social networking page such as Facebook!

Riversongs: Packed with 20 different Easter electronic cards, the great thing about is that it was able to capture our hearts with their heartwarming Easter e-cards. These Ecards will surely make you appreciate Easter as a celebration of life and unconditional love.

Funny ecards: If you want to send or have an Easter electronic card with a lighter touch, browse the easter cards offered by These Easter cards will not only touch the hearts of the people you will send it with. But, it will also tickle them for some healthy laughters. You can likewise send these electronic cards through email in the site itself.

Alrighthouse: Alrighthouse is dedicated in giving you Easter electronic cards that will remind us of the importance of Easter season. Some of the electronic cards are embedded with Christian songs that will surely uplift your soul. To get one of those electronic cards, just visit the link, share and send it to your loved ones.

Free eCards Online: This site offers a dozen of unique Easter electronic cards that are mostly for download use. Some of the cards are hand painted using different art mediums, while the rest are computer-generated electronic cards. They have one e-card which has sounds and animations. The great thing about this site is that you are able to personalize the card to your liking. Once you have chosen from the 12 designs, you will be able to designate the color, music, poem (or verse), heading and the message of the Easter e-card. There’s a step by step procedure in the website which is very easy to navigate.

Crosscards: also offers a large number of Easter electronic cards that you can send to your family and friends. Most of their Easter cards have Bible verses and poems on it. They have also included great images along with the verses. The Easter cards are just great not only to the eyes but most importantly, it will fill your hearts as well.

Yahoo! Kids: Finally, a site that offers Easter electronic cards that the kids can understand and enjoy. have more than a dozen of electronic cards that are very much suitable for the young (and the young at heart, as well). Not only will these Ecards touch your loved ones by remembering them, but it will also relive their youthful memories and experiences about Easter. Click on the link to enjoy these free electronic cards.

These electronic cards are ways in which we can tell our loved ones that we remember them in special occasions such as Easter. Remember however, that do send these lovely Easter cards with much fervor in your heart.




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  1. i would love to recieve a Easter Card for my love one, we have had a very bad year. Just something to let him know how much I care for him! thank you Dawn

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    Just letting you know how great it is being aroung you….take care

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