Free Halloween Screensavers

Looking for that special something to spice up your computer, but can’t find anything to fit the season? With these free Halloween screensavers, you’ll be sure to get in a festive spirit and enjoy a more exciting desktop. Always virus-free, these sites have best selection of exciting free Halloween screensavers.

This is another post in our “Halloween Freebies” series, committed to bringing you the best Halloween products for absolutely no cost whatsoever. Halloween is just around the corner, so don’t wait to install one of these screensavers!

Free Halloween Screensavers

Halloween Joys: This site has screen savers that are out of this world! Halloween Joys is unique in that its screensavers encompass some of the most popular Halloween themes. Some of these themes are Monster, Vampire, Spider, Skeleton, and Skull. These nostalgic Halloween figures are sure to spice up your daily routine.

Creepy Halloween: Creepy Halloween has screensavers that stand apart due to the modern styling, attractive fonts, and combination of real photos and animation. With over 20 screensavers to choose from, we’ve seen few sites with such a wide selection.

Halloween Screensavers: We’ve found very few sites dedicated exclusively to free Halloween screensavers, so we thought you might like this gem. This site dishes up a fantastic assortment of screensavers including such themes as popular horror movies and much, much more. Also, Halloween Screensavers has selections for the Sony PSP, cell phones, and other mobile devices.

We hope that our reviews have helped you find the perfect Halloween screensaver, the perfect mix of fright and enjoyment. We found these sites on free Halloween screensavers after some in-depth research, so we are confident in saying that these are some of the true treasures. However, there are more free Halloween screensaver sites just waiting to be found!

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