Free Halloween Wallpapers

You know what time it is? It’s Halloween, of course! To celebrate the scariest holiday of the year, we’ve thrown together a selection of the best sites on the web for free Halloween wallpaper. With a little spice to your desktop, every day you’ll get in the spooky mood!

This is a continuation of our “Free Halloween Goodies” series, where we find the best sites for free Halloween entertainment. Now, let’s get down to business!

Free Halloween Wallpaper

Halloween Joys: At Halloween Joys, the selection of wallpaper will simply knock your socks off! With a dozen selections of high detail artwork, your desktop will be the envy of everyone around you! Hit the link and start downloading, you’ll be glad you did.

100 Free Wallpapers: 100 Free Wallpapers, has a choice selection of four Halloween wallpapers that celebrate the occasion with a personalized touch. Drawing on traditional themes, the Pumpkin, Bats, Happy Halloween, and Jack-o-Lantern backgrounds cannot be missed.

Fan Images: Fan Images has an extensive selection of wallpapers that are simply unbeatable. Hosting over 20 wallpapers to choose from, it’s tough to make a choice. The resolutions vary, but are compatible with standard monitor sizes.

Halloween Corner: Halloween Corner has some of the best wallpapers on the net. The best feature of this site is the high-resolution wallpapers designed for larger screens. The wallpapers are not only modern, but are incredibly scary.

How do those sites look? We scoured the internet to bring you the best free Halloween wallpaper websites, so check them out and spice up your desktop today! There may be other sites available, but in our opinion, these are the best.




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  1. mervat says:

    please wnt one

  2. dawn meade says:

    free stuff is great.

  3. Jim Whyte says:

    HALLOWEEN is realy great


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