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  1. sharon says:

    Santa has been overloaded with requests and this offer is now over….

  2. fiona coxon says:

    Please send me a christmas message please

  3. serenity and austin says:

    thank you

  4. Cassandra says:

    merry christmas

  5. Mom says:

    I thought it was asking for the child’s birthday and now it won’t let me do anything because it’s saying they will only send on from grown-ups! It won’t let me start over or anything. 🙁

  6. irasema ibarra says:


  7. melissa nice says:


  8. Free call from santa!

  9. Dominique Clayborne says:

    Merry Christmas! All I want for Christmas is to live another day

  10. denise smith says:

    thank you

  11. Madison says:

    Great idea for kids

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