Free Thanksgiving Backgrounds

When it comes to Thanksgiving, nothing is better than free Thanksgiving backgrounds to spice up the season! We’ve searched the net to bring you the top free Thanksgiving backgrounds, so let’s go take a look around!

Free Thanksgiving Backgrounds

Graphic Freebies: At Graphic Freebies, you can choose from some of the best free Thanksgiving backgrounds on the web, designs for all aspects of the holiday and for all applications. Whether you are in the mood for a more serious graphic, or a light-hearted combination of photography and cartooning, this site has it all.

ChristiaNet: This site has a free Thanksgiving graphic selection that is outstanding. Our favorite picture is “Have a Kickin’ Turkey Day!” for the sheer humor that will make anyone smile. Don’t forget to visit this site; it’s one of our favorites.

Christmas Carnivals:  Don’t let the name fool you, but we simply love this site for the variety of artistic styles in the backgrounds. Ranging from the hand-drawn to digital creations, Christmas Carnival has an amazing selection that is 18 pages long. These dozens upon dozens of designs will provide enough for even the biggest project.

Carol’s Place Background Graphics: Want to know the best kept secret for free Thanksgiving backgrounds? Carol’s Place Background Graphics has an assortment of rustic backgrounds perfect for a traditional look. Including such selections as “Cornucopia” and “Turkey,” this is one site you can’t pass up.

Screene: At Screene, you’re sure to find a wonderful Thanksgiving background that will wow friends and family. With a wide array of nature photographs, pick up some Thanksgiving spirit at Screene!

Thanksgiving Cheer: We highly recommend this site for the background selection that will impress family and friends! An example of an image offered is “Thanksgiving Season,” so don’t hesitate to head on over.

If you’re in need of Thanksgiving-themed backgrounds, the sites mentioned above should at least get you started in the right direction. Be sure to check out other posts in our free Thanksgiving stuff series and most importantly, have fun!




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