Free Thanksgiving E-Cards

When it comes to Thanksgiving, what are you doing to celebrate with your friends? One of the best ways to spread the Thanksgiving cheer is with a free Thanksgiving e-card. We’ve scoured the net to bring you the best sites for free Thanksgiving e-cards, so check ‘em out!

This is another post in our “Thanksgiving Freebies” series, so let’s get started!

Free Thanksgiving E-Cards

Thanksgiving-Cards: Thanksgiving-Cards has a huge selection of free Thanksgiving e-cards. With a slick navigation system that makes the categories easily accessible, you won’t want to leave this site. No matter if you are looking for a serious “formal greetings” card, or a “turkey fun” selection, Thanksgiving-Cards has it all!’s e-card selection is out of this world! We love the wide selection and attention to detail, so this is one site you can’t pass up. With 14 e-cards to choose from, you’re sure to find something good!

Evite: Want to know one of our favorite sites to visit? Evite offers nine amazing cards that will both wow friends and family. Boasting clean, well-thought out design, as well as rewarding and funny storylines, these cards are stupendous. Hit the link to start sending!

Fun & Silly Greetings: The cards on this site are fantastic! With designs such as “Thanksgiving Gas,” “Turkey Escape,” and many more, you can’t pass up this wonderful resource!

Free E-Cards Online: We love this site for two reasons: the wide selection and the ability to add music to the card. With Free E-Cards Online, you have the option to select the color of the card and incorporate music as well. Anyone who receives one of these cards won’t soon forget it, so head on over!

There ya go, a choice selection of free Thanksgiving e-cards for your enjoyment. Send a few to family and friends, and let them know that you’ll be close to them for this Thanksgiving season.

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  1. Adam walker says:

    Just enjoying free stuff is a blessing spending time with family is also. Some things in this world money can’t but, love, peace, and unhappiness very priceless

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