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  1. cathy says:

    requested this free 3-piece christmas ornament way before Christmas and never ever received.Was even told they had received my ornaments claim, and would receive in 2 weeks. really disappointed.

  2. Iskandar says:


  3. sally morin says:

    would love to get the three piece christmas ornament set. add:151 east shore dr. _ acton,me.04001

  4. Janita says:

    Please send me a free sample if it is at all possible? Thank you so much7

  5. VERONICA says:

    I would like to know exactly how this works so let me know what i am getting myself into

  6. alayna says:

    please send free stuff…I’m in desperate need of things for my family.

  7. Would love to have it

  8. mist tabor says:

    please send any free samples that you can. I have not EVER gotten ANY free samples, from any site I ever applied for. Please help. thank you. misty

  9. Leah Joyeleen Russell says:

    I have tried several time to get this and IT DOES NOT WORK

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