FREE Samples Cherub Baby products(AU)


Cherub Baby is one of Australia’s favorite feeding brands offering safe and innovative products

Want free samples from Cherub Baby?
If you live in Australia, please follow the link we give and then complete their web form to redeem your free sample pack. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Cherub Baby Sample Packs and limited sample stock they say that they have to cap the number of sample packs they send out each month. Unfortunately not everyone who registers will receive a sample pack in the post, but they still try to send out as many as we possibly can.

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Please note: They send out sample packs at the end of each calendar month so please allow enough time for your sample pack to arrive before contacting them, especially if you are registering at the beginning of the month. At this time they can’t send sample packs outside of Australia. Only one sample pack will be sent per household, per customer, per address and per email address. Entries will only be deemed eligible to receive a sample pack should all fields below be completed accurately and correctly.

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