Newsletter February 2, 2017

In This Issue: Surveys for Cash and Rewards, Baby Stuff, Cell Phone Deals, Computers and Computer Freebies, Free Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Welcome to the February 2, 2017 edition of the Newsletter. Happy New Year!

The line between these two categories of survey rewards is blurry. Both reward you for taking surveys.  The distinction is this:

SURVEYS FOR CASH pays you to take surveys while SURVEYS FOR REWARDS reward your participation with merchandise or cash pitched for the purpose of getting merchandise.  Still confused?  Let me try to explain it another way. 

SURVEYS FOR CASH treats you as a professional survey taker, which pays you a commission to take surveys.  This is great if you are seeking another source of income that you can do from home.  Contrast that to SURVEYS FOR REWARDS which is more specific to a certain survey where you are offered a shiny reward to participate in the survey.  These are more one and done type programs with a single reward, which end once the sweepstakes are over.  The lines still blur between these two distinctions, so I trust you will read through the participation requirements on each so you know which ones are best for you. 

Both categories are loaded with attractive offers.

Babies fill our life with joy, laughter, and great memories.  However, these little people also create a strain on our pocketbook, so any help to reduce that cost is a good thing. Check out the following links for opportunities to get free diapers, baby food, baby powder and lotions, and much, much, more.

Do  you recall the old AT&T commercial that said “Reach out and touch someone”? Now days everyone has a cell phone and they use for calling someone, texting someone, or reading someone’s post on social media. Those cell phones wear out and need to be replaced every so often.  See our current list of Cell Phone deals and freebies

Is your computer getting slow or behaving is oddly?  You may have a virus or a corrupted registry.  Make sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date and run it frequently.  Clean of malware which can slow your computer to a crawl with all its online tracking code.  If you are experiencing any suspicious issues and cannot seem to eliminate it, check out some of the computer repair solutions listed at FreeStuff.  If all else fails, consider entering one of the contest for a new computer.

Want to let your loved one know they are special on this Valentine’s Day in a creative, romantic, low cost way?  Consider these recommendations found across the web.

On small pieces of paper, write down every kind of kiss that you can think of (examples: passionate, on the cheek, etc.). Then fill an inexpensive red felt bag with your “kisses” and give it to your spouse. Ask your spouse to pull several pieces of paper from the felt bag, and then give your sweetheart whatever kind of kiss is described.

Make a book about why you love your spouse and why you are thankful for him/her. The woman who sent this idea wrote, “He loved it! Said it was the best gift he has ever gotten. And it helped me to focus on the things I love about my husband and not his shortcomings.”

Make a special “14 Reasons I Love You” Valentine’s Day breakfast for your sweetheart. On his/her plate, leave a letter or card listing 14 reasons that you love your spouse.

After your spouse goes to bed, tape notes to his car’s steering wheel with reasons that you love him, or decorate the bathroom mirror with lipstick kisses or Valentine’s window clings.

Indulge in a special Valentine’s bath together. Light candles and reach for your favorite scented oil to set the mood.

Send romantic quotes to each other throughout the day via email or text or Facebook.

Put a little love note in their lunch or briefcase.

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