Newsletter January 5, 2017


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Welcome to the January 5, 2017 edition of the Newsletter. Happy New Year!

You have heard the expression “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I suggest that the most important beholder to please is yourself. A person’s attitude about themselves goes a long way in how others perceive them. Work on your perception of yourself, and everything else falls into place.

One of the keys to looking good is feeling good, so moderate or quit smoking if that is a habit of yours, moderate drinking, moderate your exposure to the sun which ages the skin, eat healthy and get some exercise. Do those things and you will both feel and look better!

We have some products offered by manufacturers that will help you with some of the details for making your hair and skin look its best. There are both free offers and highly discounted deals. Read the details of each offer to understand what you need to do to get their products.

Christmas has come and gone, and perhaps you or a loved one did not get the new phone they were hoping for. Sorry about that, but I could only give so much. {WINK} Don’t fret though, because help may be coming! We found a number of brand name cell phone offers available for free if you participate in a short marketing program, or as discounted deals if you want to bypass the marketing program activity. Time to reach out and call or text someone on a new phone. Act soon while these offers are still available.

This is an interesting category of, because there are both brand name clothing products offered for free or discounted deals, and there are some amazing do-it-yourself type offers which I would do if I had the time and skills. Everything seems to be covered in this category, which means we have everything from hats to shoes to everything in between. Clothes are cool!

This is the category where Glade and Febreeze duke it out for the attention of your nose and where Mr. Clean proves he is tough on dirt. From trash bags to toilet paper to laundry products, this diverse category of products is the most popular category for most of you and the manufacturers want you to be their customer. Give them a shot and save money while you test them against each other. What a deal!

Babies are expensive little beings. Almost all they do is eat, sleep, and you know what else. Food and diapers gets expensive. Why not saving on cost while you evaluate what products work best for you bundle of joy.

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Sincerely yours!