Newsletter June 6, 2016

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Greetings Subscriber,

Some of you subscribed to the Newsletter because you are trying to stretch your dollar in a world where prices on most everything keeps increasing. Others of you subscribed, simply because you love freebies and great deals. Regardless of why you subscribed, we are glad you did and want to reward you with some tips for getting the most and best offers for your wants and needs.

Tips and Suggestions for Freebies and Free Samples

  1. Time is of the essence! Many offers are tied to a marketing promotion and will have specific end dates. When we know those dates, we will post it with the offer on Free samples are often limited to a specific quantity of inventory, so it is critical to request your sample sooner rather than later. In either respect, it is also important to stay informed when these offers become available so you can act quickly. We update daily, so visit frequently for new offers.
  2. Double-check your shipping address! Every free offer will require you to volunteer some of your contact information, such as your email address and your mailing address. The companies making the free offer must have your address to ship your product to you. Refrain from using PO Boxes, as many will not ship products to a PO Box. Verify the accuracy of your shipping address so your freebie arrives at your address and not instead to your neighbor.
  3. Manage your email inbox! Consider using a separate email address for all freebie orders, because by default you should expect to be added to each company’s email distribution list. Using a special email address for samples and freebies will keep your main email inbox clutter-free. You should also check your spam folder frequently to insure there are no emails in waiting that require you to do something in order to get your freebies or free samples. The most common situation is where you must click on a link to verify your email address, before they ship you anything. If the emails ever become overwhelming or you decide that you are not interested in their products anymore, you “should be” able to OPT-OUT from their email list. Please note that we include an OPT-OUT function on our newsletter, which is the right thing to do. However, we cannot vouch that every company making a free offer will extend the same courtesy, so for some you may need to contact them directly to get off their mailing list.

Recent Offers on
Over the past month, we have added over 80 free offers, which is an average of more than 2.5 offers per day. We try to give you a mix of free offers, so everyone will find something they are interested in. Offers have been as simple as free stickers to really beneficial product samples to high dollar value gift cards and sweepstake opportunities. At least one new offer per day will be posted to our FEATURED OFFERS section, while additional offers will be posted directly into its specific offer category, as in Free Samples, Free Stuff, Free Gift Cards, etc. If you use Twitter, please follow @freestuffcom to view each and every offer we add to, as they are added.

Spreading the good word
If you know of someone who would benefit from some of the offers we share, please spread the love and direct them to If you have a suggestion for new offers or content for, please share it with us. We are motivated by your comments and appreciate your suggestions. As it says on the footer of our website, we are “Powered by Passion and Free Stuff”.

Sincerely yours!