Newsletter September 8, 2016


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Welcome to the Sept 8, 2016 edition of the Newsletter, where we will highlight a few categories of that you might find great interest in.

Babies fill our life with joy, laughter, and great memories.  However, these little people also create a strain on our pocketbook, so any help to reduce that cost is a good thing. Check out the following links for opportunities to get free diapers, baby food, baby powder and lotions, and much, much, more.

This is the category we use for any form of jewelry, like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, wristbands, and such. It is also the category for products who meet the new definition of “wearables” such as smart watches and activity bracelets.

It’s been said that Halloween has increased in popularity so much that it falls second to only Christmas in terms of total consumer retail spending. Sounds about right, what with all the expensive, fancy costumes for adults and children, decorations, theme-parks, haunted activities, Halloween parties, and pets.   Our collection of Halloween offers is a true TREAT. We have links for free costumes, Halloween recipes, decorations, sound effects, and the list goes on.  Don’t be scared.  Click on the link below!

Who wouldn’t want to have some free air freshener, laundry supplies, dishwasher supplies, bathroom tissue, and cleaning supplies of all types?  This is one of our most popular categories from our subscribers, as well as from producers who make these products to test.  Next time you see NEW and IMPROVED on a box of detergent, keep in mind that it is people like you using these free products who help those products to improve by your testing.

There have been some pretty incredible high value Sweepstakes added to our collection recently.  On the high end, there is a $150,000 Sweepstakes for a Home Renovation, a $150,000 for a Dream Car, $300,000 Cash Giveaway. There are many mid-size prize Sweepstake opportunities with even better odds to win, including a $1000 set of TaylorMade Golf Clubs, $5,000 Disney Vacation, and a $1,000 Shopping Spree Sweepstakes.  One of my favorites is our very own Sweepstakes for a $250 Visa Gift Card to use however you want.  While the size of this giveaway is smaller, your odds are much better of winning.  Your participation in this Sweepstakes is important to us, because it provides us with important survey answers to help direct us as we strive to make this website better for you.  Your participation is greatly appreciated! Good luck on all of these Sweepstake opportunities!

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