We are the original FreeStuff.com. Don’t be fooled by copycats. Some have attempted to copy some elements of the site with no success. Originality precludes them, I guess. You know what they say — imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

That being said, we love free stuff. In fact, we love it so much that we constantly scour the web in order to find it. Once we find it, we post it here for all to see. What are we trying to accomplish here? Well, a number of things. Read on to find out more about how we can help you find the best free stuff on the web and why we’re the number one site for free stuff out there.

  1. Save your money: By offering free stuff, freebies, coupons, coupon codes and valuable tips for keeping your wallet or pocket book heavier.
  2. Save your time: By consolidating all of the free stuff and coupons into a single destination for you to easily find exactly what you’re looking for.
  3. Make your life easier: By listing product reviews, free stuff, free samples, coupon codes, discounts, and money-saving tips.

About Our Free Stuff

Please note that we don’t provide the free stuff that you find here. We simply link to freebies that we find on a daily basis for you to enjoy. We like to think of free stuff in terms of tiers. You know, tier 1, tier 2, etc. What does this mean? Well, let’s find out.

  • Tier 1 free stuff examples include computers, televisions, high dollar value gift cards and the like. With tier 1 free stuff, some program requirements are required in order to obtain your free stuff, but the dollar value of the requirements is typically much lower than what the item would cost if you were to purchase it outright. Thus, you receive a very valuable item with a lowered-value purchase on your end.
  • Tier 2 free stuff examples include lower valued gift cards, and items that are still awesome but not quite on the same level as an expensive TV. Other examples include free samples of small items and magazines. These items typically do not require a purchase, but you usually have to fill out a survey or questionnaire before the item is sent.
  • Tier 3 free stuff doesn’t rely on program requirements and may require that you fill in some contact information so that the item can be successfully sent to you. For other items, nothing at all is required. These include free downloads and other related freebies.

There you have it. Let us be your one and only free stuff source.

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  • FreeStuff Manager

    Hi David. Any ads you might be getting, are not from FreeStuff.com. We only send one email a week to subscribers of our newsletter and that email will come from newsletter@freestuff.com/ Try to unsubscribe to whatever emails you may be getting, and if you still get them afterwards – please send me their email address, your email address, and a copy of the email you are getting. Using that I will try to help guide you to getting the messages to stop.

    As for not getting stuff – I am sorry to hear that has been your expereince. We hear from some people who do get free stuff/samples and sometimes we hear from people such as yourself that do not. When some do and some don’t – it is hard for us to categorize the offer is bad. With each offer we post, there is always a T&C page provided at the offer page (not the FreeStuff.com page). That T&C page declares how the offer is to work, what your responsibility is vs theirs, and contact info should you have questions. It is a good idea to contact those which you have been unsuccessful with and ask why.

    Best regards.

  • David Gorham

    I have filled thesee surveys for long time. Because I am disable and can’t drive but recently I have tried to get my free stuff, underarmer hats men’s body wash,kitchen utility,and more, better I never receive anything. Like I said I’m disable and at home 90% of the time. So if I can get my free stuff just stop sending me ads.

  • FreeStuff Manager

    Thank you for your offer Phil. Please email it to admin@freestuff.com

  • Phil Fick

    Great website. I want to give away my ebooklet “20 Tips to Save Big on Funeral Expenses”. Can I send a copy to this site, you can review it, and if you think it has value, you can make it available to your audience.

  • Good info. I’ll be coming back as a frequent reader. Thanks!

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